Simulation Game ‘TramSim Munich’ Recreates a Beautiful Streetcar Experience in the Heart of Europe

The successor to TramSim Vienna simulates the workday of a streetcar operator in Munich, Bavaria // Release on PC is due on November 4


Paderborn, October 6, 2021 | Sim game publisher Aerosoft and development studio ViewApp announced TramSim Munich during gamescom 2021, now the company has set a release date: The streetcar simulation will be available on November 4, 2021 for PC (via Steam, among others), costing 34.99 EUR.

The game provides a detailed and lovingly crafted simulation of driving a tram on a realistic track in a real city, picturesque Munich. The game includes the completely new vehicle design of the classic streetcar R2.2b including all features. 

With this new game, the TramSim series grows into a platform. While each TramSim game can be played standalone, new features or enhancements, such as the dynamic weather system currently under development, will be included in all TramSim titles. Owners of a vehicle DLC can use it in all parts of the series. In addition, a showroom is available where players can check all vehicles from all cities, try them out and also add their own paint jobs.


  • 3 streetcar lines: 23, 27 & 28 implemented in detail and authentically in full length
  • Authentic streetcar model R2.2 b in the new, modern re-design of Munich’s public transportation service 
  • Authentic line change operation 
  • Original audio announcements 
  • Dynamic passenger and pedestrian behavior 
  • Dynamic weather 
  • The city of Munich depicted with landmarks, historic buildings, squares and museums




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About Aerosoft GmbH

About Aerosoft
Aerosoft is one of the leading publishers of deep simulation games, with 40 inhouse staff and long standing connections to many freelance developers and studios. The company also sells periphery products for simulation fans.

Aerosoft GmbH was founded in 1991 at the airport Paderborn / Lippstadt in Germany. They started out developing add-ons and periphery products for Microsoft Flight Simulator as well as training software for flight students. Since 2002 the company became more and more a full-fledged publishing company and branched out into other simulation genres. In 2020 Aerosoft released its first simulation games on console.

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